Your Truckee River Float Must Haves!

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Floating the Truckee River is always a fun idea for family and friends. Sunshine and laughter will be on the agenda if you decide to spend your day on the river. You will float from Tahoe City to River Ranch near Alpine Meadows with plenty of room for pit-stops and opportunities to go swimming. If you are interested in catching your fun-filled day on camera, there are waterproof cameras available for purchase at the Truckee River Rafting gift shop. Before you embark on your river journey, it is important to make sure you are well-prepared. Listed below are just a few essentials you should consider bringing on a day of floating.

Water Shoes: Since you will most likely be climbing in and out of the raft and over rocks, you want to make sure your feet are protected and comfortable.

Sunscreen: As you are busy having fun on the river, it is easy to miss how much sun you are actually soaking up. Make sure you bring a sunscreen containing high SPF to avoid a nasty sunburn after a long day on the river.

Zip Plastic Bags: Bringing your phone, keys, cameras, and other items you don’t want to get wet can be a risky decision. Keeping them safe and protected from the water is always a good idea.

First Aid Kit: Getting a cut from the rocks or any other injuries can be a possibility on the river. Having bandages, antibiotic cream, and ibuprofen will come in handy.

Rope: Staying together can be a bit difficult at times on the river. Tying your floats together is the best option for keeping close.

Towel: This is great for when you want to make a pit-stop and lay on the sand to soak up some sun. Also, if the sun is beating down a little too hard, soaking the towel in the cold water is an effective way to cool yourself off and your float.


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