Ways To Save Energy This Winter

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As winter quickly approaches, energy bills begin to increase while wallets are seemingly lighter. Luckily there are a few ways to save energy and cut costs this winter.

Natural Light
Here are 10 ways to cut energy costs:

1. During those sunny winter days open your blinds to windows that face the south to produce natural heat. This technique will produce heat and is a great way to reduce heating costs.
2. Alternatively, when the sun goes down be sure to close all windows and coverings to trap the heat inside your home.
3. Install tight-fitting drapes and shades if your windows produce a draft. This technique will help reduce the cold air coming from leaky windows.
4. If you don’t already have a programmable thermostat, adjust the temperature an hour before bedtime to reduce the amount of energy used throughout the day.
5. Many times heat slips through the space underneath doors. To help limit heat loss, seal the areas with weather stripping to close off excess space. This will aid in retaining heat while blocking cold air from coming in. 201619626. Install long-lasting LED lights that will cut energy costs immediately.
7. One easy way to reduce heating costs is lowering the temperature on your water heater. This is an excellent routine that applies to any season.
8. For those of you who have a woodburning fireplace, installing a tempered glass door will help reduce the cold air intake when it’s not in use. Also, this is a great safety feature!
9. One method that is particularly helpful for Tahoe’s dry atmosphere is using a humidifier to moisten the air. Moisture retains heat better than dry air.
10. Finally, the easiest way to cut heating costs this winter is to pull out your blankets, sweaters, and warm socks to generate body heat at home.20163070-5


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