Ten Reasons (Other Than Skiing) Why Tahoe Is Awesome!

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Tahoe might be most famous for it’s world class skiing and beautiful landscape, but there’s a whole host of reasons that make Tahoe a great place to live year-round.

There is an old saying here in Tahoe, “come for the winters and stay for the summers”, and that’s exactly what a lot of us Tahoe transplants have done. For many accomplished ski bums like myself, the mountains came calling and we followed suit. We packed our cars full of ski and snowboard gear (and not much else) and made the pilgrimage to the ‘Lake of the Sky’ and once we arrived we realized that there was so much more to Tahoe than epic pow days and and that big blue lake. Here are a few of the other reasons why Tahoe is the best place on Earth 365 days a year.


1.Perfect Weather

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They don’t call California the Golden State for nothing. Alright, alright, I realized that has more to do with the actual gold rush than the weather, but with upwards of 300 days of sun each year, California weather is pretty darn glorious. Our ‘rainy’ season is winter where we get, on average, 400 inches of snow each year and during the summer you can almost always count on it to be sunny and dry with a high near 80 degrees. Talk about perfect!


2. Summer Fun


From boating, to mountain biking, to hiking and SUP, Tahoe really packs a punch when it comes to summer fun. There are endless options on and off the lake and with perfect weather (see above) almost every day, there’s no excuse not to get outside. There’s always a new trail to explore, a new hobby to try or a pristine alpine beach to relax on. Soak up that vitamin D, there’s plenty to go around!


3. Convenient Location


Tahoe is like one big-small-town with a perfect location. Just off interstate 80, an hour from Reno, and four from San Francisco, Tahoe has easy access to all of the conveniences you could ever need. Packed with tons of great small businesses, it’s hard not to find exactly what you’re looking for, however, if that problem should arise, the biggest little city is only a short ride away.


4. Rad People

In my humble opinion, Tahoe is home to some of the raddest people this fine country has to offer; outdoor enthusiasts, young entrepreneurs, environmental advocates and generally cool individuals. From the ‘born and bred’ to the Tahoe transplants, there seems to be a common denominator that brought us to Tahoe and keeps us here. Whether it’s our love for adventure or appreciation for Tahoe’s natural beauty and laid back lifestyle, there’s a definite sense of community and love that runs as deep as the Lake.


5. Awesome Events

If there’s one thing Tahoe knows best, it’s how to throw a kickass party. Year round, Tahoe brings the fun with festivals and family friendly events to boot. From annual festivals like Wanderlust and Snowfest to weekly events like Truckee Thursdays and Tuesday Bluesdays, there’s never a dull moment. Grab your yoga mat and party hat and get ready to boogie down!

6. Pet Friendly

Camp W, second session, Lake Tahoe, Wednesday, Sept. 8, 2011

Tahoe isn’t just a great place for humans, it’s also a haven for our four legged friends. Dogs are man’s best friend, and there’s no place where that’s more apparent than Tahoe. Just about everyone owns a dog in Tahoe and they are welcome almost everywhere; hiking the backcountry, cruising the Villages, swimming in the Lake, you name it! There’s also plenty of great pet adoption agencies around Tahoe if you’re still searching for your new furry companion.


7. Tons of History

One could learn a lot about Tahoe from Bonanza’s 14-year-long run, but Tahoe’s rich history expands far beyond the boundaries of the Ponderosa. From the first Native American settlers and Western Pioneers, to the ill fated Donner Party and the days of the Comstock Lode,  to 1920’s Mobsters, Sinatra and the Rat Pack, Tahoe has a history that would make even the biggest buffs swoon.


8. Amazing Concerts

Tahoe has a music scene unlike any other and the venue doesn’t disappoint either. Whether you’re looking for intimate fireside acoustics, local DJ’s bringing some fresh beats, or big name headliners playing sold out shows, there’s something for everyone. Head down to Harvey’s Outdoor Arena for their Summer Concert Series, or to the Crystal Bay Casino if a smaller venue is what you prefer.



9. Health Conscious


There seems to be a shift to health conscious living sweeping the nation and if healthy options are what you seek, then Tahoe is where you shall find them. It’s not hard to be healthy while living in the mountains and there are endless options for staying fit. You can have fun and get that heart rate up all while doing the things you love. If the outdoors aren’t really your thing, head over to Performance Training Center or High Altitude Fitness for a good sweat.  There are also great options for healthy eats; New Moon Natural Foods, Tahoe Central Market, and tons of farmers markets with organic produce are sprinkled all over the Tahoe Basin.

10. Unlimited Happiness


John Muir once said, “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks”. Muir was a wise man. Nature has wonderful healing powers and Tahoe is chock full of them. There’s something about getting lost in the woods that really clears your mind and feeds your soul, and with so much awesomeness in our own backyards, it’s hard not to be happy. So enjoy the weather, meet some cool people, adopt a furry friend, go to a festival, shop local, and experience all of the wonderful things that Tahoe has to offer!



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