Tahoe’s Water Trail Offers an Exciting New Way to Explore the Lake

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When the snow melts and the days get longer, Lake Tahoe becomes a big playground for not only boaters, but all kinds of paddlers. All the liquid fun goes along with the responsibility and it is important to be prepared and play it safe. Lake Tahoe is the largest freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada, so mountain conditions and strong winds can be a big challenge.

The Lake Tahoe Non-Motorized Working Group created The Lake Tahoe Water Trail in 2007 for paddlers to be able to tour the Lake with the legal destinations to stop and enjoy, since more than 50% of the lake shore is privately owned. This trail is more of an itinerary, than a classic trail. It is an amazing guide that helps you plan the custom paddling along the 72-mile long water trail and access public beaches, campgrounds, lodging and dining.

There are about 37 public landing sites around the entire Lake and it is only up to you, how you enjoy the loop. It was divided into shorter, 10-12 miles long segments, which are very popular for 2-day trips.

Whether you are opting for a quick beach hopping trip, or the full lake circuit, it is important to make sure you get ready and plan your trip ahead. 

Here are some safety tips:

  •     Study current wind and weather conditions, since they can change rapidly
  •     Be aware, that the water is always cold, even on the hottest summer day
  •     It is highly recommended to wear a life jacket. Children under 13 must always wear one.
  •     Make yourself visible by wearing bright colors and using flashlight after dark
  •     Always notify someone about your itinerary
  •     Make sure you know how to act in a case of emergency and take a safety class

 Lake Tahoe is famous for its water clarity and pristine environment and it is important to protect and respect the sensitive wildlife while you play. Don’t leave a trace, respect other lake users, camp only in developed campgrounds, don’t disturb wildlife and clean the non-motorized boats to prevent the lake from any invasive species. 

Lake Tahoe Water Trail is one of the best ways to experience the Lake, discover hidden parts of the shore and see the extraordinary lake-front homes. 

For more information visit www.laketahoewatertrail.org


Stefanie Bough

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