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Living in Lake Tahoe, time seems to stand still. Admirably calm, lake life here is laid-back, and this historic property will be the perfect getaway for you and your family.

The history behind 490 Gonowabie –

Introducing one of our newest listings, by Darin Vicknair, is 490 Gonowabie. This unique property was initially the site of a Washoe Indian commercial fishing operation in 1914. Native Americans used streams, tributaries, and lakes in Northern Nevada, including Lake Tahoe, as a supply for food. Tribes such as the Northern Paiute, Western Shoshone and Washoe Native Americans thrived off of what Lake Tahoe had to offer. They would catch and dry their fish, such as trout, and store them for cold winters. This property was built to help Washoe tribes farm fish for food; however, in 1917, commercial fishing was banned due to the declination of fish. While fishing for sport is still allowed, officials have released the order, a couple of years ago, to allow crayfish to be harvested.

Your family can be a piece of history! Read below to learn more about what this property can offer.




What 490 Gonowabie has to offer –

The family will love this property because they can camp, entertain, BBQ, and swim in Lake Tahoe’s crystal blue waters. This three story house, with its historic design, is the perfect home for the outdoorsy family.  There is a rock-cribbed pier, the lakeside guest cabin, and newly constructed boathouse. The location of this listing is perfect because it is harbored and sheltered from Tahoe’s winds. In addition to the fun amenities, is a rebuilt and quaint main residence with a 2 car garage. For entertaining, there is a barbecue, patio with a cover, pier, and beach access. While the house is perfect for entertaining, it is also perfect for creating and building because of the utility garage and workshop.



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