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A Guide To Life On The Lake

Five Advantages to Living Life Like a Tahoe Rockstar


There’s no denying that Tahoe is a pretty awesome place. That’s why millions of tourists flock to the basin each year. But why spend your vacation searching for parking, fighting for a spot at the bar, and dealing with crowds of people, when you could have front row seats to all the fun? Don’t settle for the weekend warrior life, be a living legend as a Tahoe rockstar! Living lakeside certainly has its perks and here are five ways to get the most out of life on the Lake.


  1. You always have premier parking.

1970 W. Lake Blvd.-28

1970 West Lake Boulevard, Tahoe City


If there’s one thing Tahoe isn’t known for, it’s providing ample parking, but who needs valet and curbside when you have your own private pier? There are tons of bars, restaurants and public piers that you can pull your boat right up to, hassle free! Don’t feel like mingling with the masses? Head out to one of Tahoe’s peaceful coves and drop anchor. You never have to deal with traffic jams, bad drivers or dazed tourists when you’re traveling by boat. Leave the road rage behind because there’s nothing but smooth sailing from here.


  1. You get backstage passes to the best beaches and bars.

6400 W Lake Blvd 41 Homewood-large-011-Chambers Landing OId-1500x1000-72dpi

6400 West Lake Boulevard, Homewood


Tahoe has a few hidden gems that can’t easily be accessed on foot or without a fee; Glenbrook, Emerald Bay, and Secret Cove to name a few, but when you live life on the Lake you get VIP access to all the best bars and beaches. Got a boat? Cruise over to those hard to reach beaches on the East shore. For those rudderless rockstars, head on down to Chambers Landing for an icy Chambers Punch. There’s no limit to the fun you can have, just beware of brainfreeze and feelings of intense relaxation.


  1. You’re always on the guest list.

6956 Pomin Ave. High Res small

6956 Pomin Avenue, Tahoma


Forget the velvet ropes and bottle service because when you live lakeside, you always get VIP treatment. Whether entertaining a swanky cocktail party or a casual BBQ amongst friends, you’re sure to be the host with the most. Tahoe boasts some incredible lakefront properties with a backdrop to match. You’re never left wanting when you’re on the guest list so put on your dancing shoes and party on.


  1. You never have to make a reservation.

1170 West Lake Boulevard Deck

1170 West Lake Boulevard, Tahoe City


There’s no shortage of lakefront dining options in Tahoe but they often leave you longing. Long wait times, expensive entrees, unsatisfying options, and droves of hangry guests are enough to put a bad taste in your mouth. Why deal with the stresses of eating out when you can have a bistro in your backyard? When you live at the lake you always get the best service. No shirt, no shoes, no problem!


  1. You always have the best seat in the house.

2350 Star Harbor Ct

2350 Star Harbor Court, Tahoe City


After your day of VIP play be sure to cap your night off with one of Tahoe’s spectacular sunsets. Always a crowd pleaser, Tahoe sunsets never disappoint. Don’t get stuck in the nosebleed section, stroll down your private pier to catch all the alpenglow. Take a load off, you have the best seat in the house.


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