Five Easy Steps to Protect Your Vacation Home This Winter

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Snow is upon us, and if you’re a part-time Tahoe resident snow can sometimes feel like a blessing and a curse. Frozen pipes, sunken roofs, and moisture can seriously affect your home’s value. Fortunately, there are simple steps you can take to ensure your investment is protected this winter.

Heat Your House

Heating your house, even when your away, is the best preventative measure you can take against frozen pipes and other common issues. In fact, a home need only be kept at a temperature above 50 degrees to avoid pipes freezing.

You may wonder if the cost to heat your home, even when you are not enjoying it is worth the hassle and the cash…it absolutely is! A Denver plumber reports the cost of the average frozen pipe repair is a whopping $900, while a typical monthly electric bill on Tahoe’s North Shore is $113.


Trim Back Your Trees

The cardinal rule of mountain living: keep your trees tidy, particularly in the winter! A few municipalities around the lake offer free maintenance for trees outside your property line. Overall its probably best to call in the professionals on this one, as Tahoe has strict bylaws protecting our beautiful pines!


Shovel Your Roof

Around here, the mere thought of shoveling a roof full of snow will often elicit a collective “ugh” from weary residents.  Although a roof blanketed by snowfall looks great on a postcard, the reality may be different. Whether you use a snow removal service or take on the task yourself, it is vital to make sure your roof remains unencumbered by heavy snow. Experts recommend raking your roof every time you receive six or more inches of snowfall to prevent ice dams and cave-ins.

If you’re truly turned off by the prospect of raking your roof on a Saturday morning and have some cash to spare, consider investing in a durable and eco-friendly metal roof!


Close Your Fireplace Flue

Critters get cold in the winter too, and they tend to find refuge in the warmth of your fireplace! If you’re not planning on enjoying your home this winter have a friend or neighbor stop by your place and make sure that the flue and other vulnerable spots are closed off to unwanted tenants.



Although mountain homeownership has its challenges, responsibility goes a long way! If you follow these guidelines, there’s no need to be glued to your weather app. If you’re still uneasy, consider hiring a property management service to look after your home while you are away.




Stefanie Bough

Stefanie Bough serves as the Operations Manager for Oliver Luxury Real Estate. You can reach her at 775.236.1500 or at