DIY Holiday Ideas

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DIY Holiday Ideas

Tired of giving the same gifts or decorating with old holiday trinkets year after year? Here are some crafty ideas that are sure to brighten up your holiday season! These featured DIY ideas are the perfect way to create some family bonding time and give a little holiday cheer.

DIY Holiday IdeasThe first featured DIY project on the left can double as party favors or a fun gift for friends and co-workers. All you will need is a package of Mini Doughnuts that are wrapped in 4, a marker, red ribbon, and black construction paper! These are the perfect little tasty treat for holidays. The next craft is light and bright and is sure to spread the cheer! These fun light up snowmen also make for a great party favor. You can hang these on your Christmas tree, fireplace, or even glue them on your stocking! All you will need are battery operated tea candles, a marker, ribbon, pipe cleaners, and a hot glue gun. You can be creative with these and add all the bells and whistles to make the ultimate snowman!

DIY Holiday IdeasFor fun holiday food ideas, we have a few treats that are sure to please everyone this holiday season! On the right, we are featuring fun gingerbread man shaped brownies. This is the perfect dessert to make with the whole family. When these yummy treats are out of the oven and cooled, the kids can gather around and make their own custom gingerbread man design. The dish on the left is a fun way to display some of those healthier treats. All you have to do is gather your favorite veggies and start decorating! If you prefer to veggies of a different color, you can always make another design. Try making a Christmas tree, ornaments, or even Santa with your veggie trays.

DIY Holiday IdeasThe next featured DIY holiday ideas are sure to cause a stir! Both options can be made with or without alcohol. This first tasty beverage is perfect for guests of all ages. For the younger guests just leave out the vodka. What you will need: Cranberry – 1 package of fresh Cranberries, 2 cans Cranberry juice concentrate, frozen | Drinks – 1 bottle Martinelli’s sparkling apple cider, 1 (2 liter) bottle Sprite | Frozen – Ice cubes | Liquor – 1 oz vodka.

On the right side, we are featuring a drink that will not disappoint. This heart-warming beverage can be enjoyed any time of the day! You can make a version of this without coffee or alcohol for the kids. What you will need: Condiments – 1 Hot fudge sauce, Baking & Spices, 1 Whipped cream | Drinks – 1 cup Coffee, 1 cup Hot chocolate | Toppings – 1 Candy cane bits, 1 Candy canes, whole | Liquor – 1 oz Peppermint schnapps.


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