Four Crafty Ways to Get Rid of Built Up Ice

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After an epic series of storms, Tahoe residents have finally been blessed with a bit of elusive sunlight! Although the task may seem daunting, removing some of that leftover snow can be a breeze with these simple tricks using household items.

Table Salt

The classic solution for your snow-melting needs! Table salt helps melt down ice build up and provides some grip to prevent falls.

Sand and Ash

Although sand and ash may not help melt the ice, but it can provide a significant amount of grip on the slippery stuff! When used in combination with table salt, sand or ash are trusty favorite of those practiced in mountain living.

Beet or Pickle Juice

Beet and pickle juice have lower freezing points than water and help break down ice quickly. And let’s face it, you weren’t going to use that stuff anyway!


If you’re not averse to pouring out the good stuff on the driveway, this may be the trick for you! Alcohol melts ice considerably faster than other alternatives and evaporates quickly so that you won’t have any messy residue on your walkways.

No matter which method you choose, we are sure you’ll be out enjoying the snow in record time!


Stefanie Bough

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