Places to View Beautiful Fall Colors in Lake Tahoe

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Best Places in Lake Tahoe to Admire Fall Colors:


There is a time of year when, even before the first leaf falls, you can feel the season’s click. While the Tahoe Basin is well known for its pine trees and conifers, you can still find stands of deciduous tree species and those are the best places to experience the splendors of fall. 


Fallen Leaf Lake

This crystal mountain Lake, located on the South Shore of Lake Tahoe, is ideal to view and photograph the beautiful colors of autumn foliage. Fallen Leaf Lake offers a peaceful environment for walking amongst falling Aspen leaves.  In addition to the dazzling lake and colors, and just a short mile drive, you will find Glen Alpine Falls. This large and wide waterfall cascades down about 80 feet over multiple rocks and outcroppings till it flows into the river below. A spectacular site and perfect photo opportunity.

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Taylor Creek Visitor Center

Taylor Creek Visitor Center is located off Highway 89 about 3 miles north of South Lake Tahoe. This place is most famous this time of the year for it’s Fall Fish Festival. Aside from being home to stunning colorful stands of trees, Taylor Creek is the spawning grounds for Kokanee Salmon, who begin their annual fall migration. This festival usually takes place the first weekend in October and doesn’t attract only human visitors, black bears are known to frequent the area in search for food. Score a photograph of Tahoe’s beloved bears as they approach the creek.

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Hope Valley

This may be the favorite destination for leaf peepers and fall photographers. Hope Valley is located south of South Lake Tahoe, along Highway 88 towards Kirkwood. This valley comes alive with vibrant aspen colors of yellow, orange and red, set against the dark green of the surrounding forest trees. Due to its popularity, it is better to arrive early in the morning or at sunset to avoid larger crowds.

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Aspen Grove on Highway 267

This beautiful Aspen grove alongside highway 267 between Truckee and Kings Beach will have you stopping to admire its spectacular colors. This little fall heaven is home to a historic forest service cabin that offers incredible fall photo opportunities.


Klondike Meadow

This meadow located near Martis Peak in Truckee, offers all spectrums of fall colors where you can also admire the views of the surrounding peaks. If you can’t make it in the fall, just wait for the spring bloom, it’s just as beautiful!


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