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Luxury Highlights

The following 10 cities each have something special to offer. These wonderful attributes range from the ability to adapt to a fast-growing market, to some of the most desired residential cities in the world.

Reno, Nevada, USA

The first city on our watch list is the city of Reno, Nevada. As companies strive to expand, they need the space to keep up with growing business trends. Nevada is a business-friendly and tax competitive state which is hard to come across in the western states. This growing tech hub is becoming a world recognized name for its ability to adapt to the continuous advancements in technology. Some of the major companies that have made a home in reno included Microsoft, Apple, and Tesla. The strategic operating benefits that newcomers have found not only offer the best environment for growing companies but also offer an unprecedented quality of life.


Stunning Views of Reno, Nevada

With its strategic location that is central to 11 western states and over 72 million square feet of industrial space, there is room for new companies looking to expand. The State of Nevada also has tax advantages that are unparalleled to its neighboring states. Some of these tax advantages include NO corporate income tax, personal income tax, franchise tax, unitary tax, inventory tax, and many others! Reno also has a magnificent quality of life with its affordable living costs and its proximity to some of the world’s renown vacation spots.
A strong sense of community makes Reno a fantastic place for building a family and long lasting business relationships.

World's Top 10 Buildings

World’s Top 10 Buildings -339 Anitra Drive, Reno, Nevada

Vienna, Austria

The next city on our list is the city of Vienna, Austria. This beautifully sophisticated city is chalk full of historical charm and it’s no surprise that Vienna is at the top of our list! The quality of life in the magnificent city is beyond exquisite and surprisingly affordable. According to the Mercer Quality of Life Survey, Vienna has been voted number one and has continued to lead the ranking over the last seven year.

10 fast growing cities

Vienna at Sunset with Modern City Views

With its geographically central location, there is no shortage of work opportunities and the excellent transport links make it easy to travel throughout Europe. Vienna has become the central business hub for many European countries. Among the increased desire to live in such an aesthetically wondrous city, Austria has become a city with one of the highest figures for GDP per head globally. With the University of Vienna attracting students from all over the world, there is an abundance of activities that features a nightlife like no other. The historic setting along with beautiful modern skyscrapers makes Vienna a top destination for visitors worldwide. As the city’s infrastructure continue to improve, so will their tourist market.

Panama City, Panama

With humble beginnings as a fishing village, Panama City  has grown to be the largest urban area in the country. Located at the pacific entrance of the Panama Canal, this city houses over 40% of the countries population. This metropolitan area has become a well sought out area for the elite. The high-rise condos that run alongside Balboa Avenue offer some of the most magnificent views in the city. The building styles boast a blend of Spanish Colonial, French and Antillean townhouses that can be found throughout the city.

10 fast growing cities

Beautiful Downtown City Views of Panama City

The city relies on financial services and canal traffic to determine the health of their economy. Their service-based economy focuses on banking, commerce, and tourism which have increased since the expansion of the Panama Canal. Panama City has become a major international finance center and host a diverse range of companies. Newcomers are drawn to this city for the luxury lifestyle and the rich culture Panama has to offer. Not to mention the lovely tropical climate that

Auckland, New Zealand

Much like Panama City, Auckland also has the largest metropolitan area in the country and is home to over 32% of the country’s population. Because Auckland is the largest Polynesian city in the world, there is much diversity in both its inhabitants and business opportunities. A majority of large international companies have made a home in this fast-growing city; ultimately,  making Auckland a major economic and financial hotspot for many entrepreneurs. With a growing GDP of 2.9% annually, the city is open to many new investment opportunities, also, making it one of the most business-friendly places in the world.

10 fast growing cities

Lovely Aerial View of Auckland, New Zealand

With its prime location, Auckland is a significant national gateway for imports and exports. Additionally, the pristine waters, stunning environment, and incredible wildlife make Auckland a major hotspot for incredible residential opportunities. This captivating city has everything from stunning skyscrapers and modern high-rises to beautifully crafted Victorian villas. As the city proceeds to expand and the economy continues to boom, so will the desire to live in Auckland, New Zealand.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal is not only an architecturally stunning coastal city but it is also recognized for its importance in finance, commerce, media, entertainment, art, international trade, and education. Once occupied by the Phoenician in the Pre-Roman period, this beautiful city has a deep rooted history and a rich culture. Lisbon has been named the European Entrepreneurial Region of the Year by the European Unions Committee of the Regions; also, Lisbon is nationally recognized for their ability to promote and foster entrepreneurship.  Lisbon has been diligent in creating a support structure for domestic business and their expanding market since the Eurozone Crisis began in 2009.

10 fast growing cities

The Rich Architecture and Ocean Views in Lisbon Portugal

This great city fosters a healthy market by encouraging growth among businesses of any size. Due to its diversity, Lisbon offers a higher GDP per capita than any other area in the country and ranks as one of highest GDPs of all metropolitan areas in the European Union.

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Our next up-and-coming business hotspot has seen much growth over the years and is now a central location among recent college graduates. Located along the Ohio River, Cincinnati has become a global business center that offers superior accessibility to customers while fostering connections to suppliers around the world. After becoming the industrial, commercial and cultural center of Ohio, Cincinnati now houses over 2.1 million people. As the residential market continues to expand, so will business market. So far nine Fortune 500 companies and over three hundred foreign-owned firms have made Cincinnati a world-class city for business opportunity.

10 fast growing cities

Cincinnati Skyline

Cincinnati is not only a central business hub, but it’s also a dream destination for foodies worldwide.  The city has become a well-recognized food/drink capital that is home to the Taste of Cincinnati annual food festival. With over 500,000 people attending, this delicious event has become one of the largest street festivals in the United States.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, the capital city of Hawaii, is not only a highly traveled vacation destination but is also a major hub for international business, military defense, and a diverse variety of culture. Because of its location, Honolulu is the main gateway into Hawaii and is the major portal to the United States. According to Forbs, Honolulu is ranked #3 on the most livability cities in the United States and was also ranked as the 2nd safest city in the U. S.

10 fast growing cities

Honolulu Cityscape and Ocean Views

According to the U.S. News & World Report travel site, Honolulu is ranked as the #1 for best family summer vacations and #2 for overall best family vacations. Because Honolulu has such a safety rating, it has become one of the top living and vacation destination.

Calgary, Canada

Calgary is a city packed with energy that stimulates, invigorates and motivates economic growth. This beautiful city invites industries to use creativity and  innovation to support its ever-growing economy. Resourcefulness helps to shape city by creating a better and more stable future for all. This growing business center has the second-highest number of corporate headquarters in the country and houses over 800 of  the country’s largest corporations.

10 fast growing cities

Calgary Skyline and Beautiful Urban City

Calgary, Canada also encompasses a great city life that full of energy. The downtown urban city features a diverse blend of restaurants, bars, cultural venues, public squares, and shopping centers.

Bogotá, Colombia

Bogotá is the next city that offers it all! From beautiful historical buildings to stunning high-rises. This city is the main economic and industrial center of Colombia. This mountain enclosed city is quickly growing as one of the world’s premier meeting places for business and is occupied by over 1,400 multinational companies. Bogotá has implemented a Productive Development Policy in this regions to promote innovation and entrepreneurship. One of the country’s goals is to help facilitate growth in order to generate greater economic progress.

10 fast growing cities

The Beautiful Mountain Monserrate in Bogotá, Colombia

Bogotá is home to stunning landscape with impressive mountains, beautiful villages, castles, and colonial squares. This city has a deep rooted culture that evident throughout mural painted walls and streets.

Valencia, Spain

The gorgeous city of Valencia is one that encompasses the perfect mixture of luxury living and booming business center. Valencia is one of Spain’s largest cities and has become the center of economic and industrial growth. At the port of El Grao, is the hustle and bustle of this busy Mediterranean coast. Some of their most recognizable exports include a variety of wine, oranges, lemons and rice. They are also known to produce world class furniture, ceramic tiles, fans, textiles and iron products.

10 fast growing cities

The City of Arts and Sciences

The city is known for their prestigious construction industry that created some of the world greatest modern designs. The concurrent development and expansion of the country’s telecommunications have greatly increased their economic standings over the years.

Although this is the last city on our list, there are many more cities that could also be considered. Stay tuned for more up-and-coming cities that will be featured in our next edition of Luxury Highlights.



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